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The descendants of JOHNSON WATTS

Johnson Watts was born abt 1762 in Orange County, Virginia. He was a farmer who grew tobacco mostly. He moved to Bullitsville, Boone County Kentucky circa 1800 and had many children. His last will and testament reveals that he owned considerable amounts of land in the county and gave generously to his children. It also reveals, not surprisingly, that he was a slave owner. This is nothing to be proud of, but it is a part of the family history. For the most part, the family was devoutly religious. This is evident in the many remarks mentioning them in the minutes of the Sand Run Baptist Church, which is located near present day Hebron, Kentucky. One of Johnson Watts' sons married the preacher's daughter, Mary Ann Whitaker. These people lived through some tumultuous times, the Civil War certainly not the least of these. Although Kentucky was officially neutral, there is little doubt that the Watts family loyalty was to the CSA. It must have been interesting years down the road when another side to my family married with the Watts family. The Insley's and McClellans where from Ohio and definetly on the side of the Union. This history will be added to later.

Johnson Watts, b.1762, Orange County(?), Virginia, d. 1/8/1813, buried Watts Cemetery, Bullitsville, KY

Children of Thomas Johnson Watts and Sally Goodridge

Thomas Johnson Watts was born on 29 Oct 1854 in Boone County, Ky. He married Sally Goodridge. He passed away on 7 Nov 1923, Boone County, Ky.

There descendants are as follows:

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