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As all genealogists know, you must provide documentation for all of your data.   I will have a good listing of all the sources that I have used to accumulate this data.  Some will be listed on the appropriate surname page located within this site as footnotes. This may take me a while though. Until then, here they are so far. 


1910 Census, Frankin County, Fl

1900 Census, Franklin County, Fl

1900 Census, Madison County, Fl

1885 special census, Apalachicola, Fl

1880 Census, Madison County, Fl

1880 Census, Carroll co., NH

1851 Census, Dumfries parish, York co., NB

1861 census, Canterbury parish,York Co., NB(pop and agr.)

Obituary, Uriah Morton Wright, Apalachicola Times

Marriage records, Jefferson County, Fl 1860-1875

Marriage Records, Apalachicola, Franklin County, Fl

Delayed Birth Certificates of Clarence Macon Wright and Clarence Eugene Wright

Town Records of Orono, ME, microfilm

Sand Run Baptist Church, Boone County, KY, minutes 1800-1910, microfilm

Last will and testament, Johnson Watts

Cemetery inscriptions, Watts Cemetery, Bullitsburg, Ky

Cemetery inscriptions, Sandrun Baptist Church, Hebron, Ky

Cemetery inscriptions, Magnolia Cemetery, Apalachicola, FL

Land records, Apalachicola, Franklin, Fl



Outposts on the Gulf, by William Warren Rodgers, published by University of West Florida Press, 1986

The Descendants of Christopher Miller and Hannah Brooks, 1791-1976, by Florence Miller Carey